THE BLOOD BROTHERS ‘BURN, PIANO ISLAND, BURN’ LP + 7" (20th Anniversary Edition, Yellow w/Pink & Black Splatter Vinyl)

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LABEL: Epitaph
VARIANT: 20th Anniversary Edition, Yellow w/Pink & Black Splatter Vinyl + 7"

The Blood Brothers‘ classic 2003 album …Burn, Piano Island, Burn gets a 20th anniversary reissue with both the original LP and the “Ambulance vs Ambulance” 7″ (b/w “Pink Tarantulas”), along with a 28-page booklet that includes a retrospective from the band written by Zachary Lipez, and an inner photo zine

A defining document of 2000s post-hardcore, …Burn, Piano Island, Burn is an album that’s constantly in motion, whipping by at full speed but with weird, fidgety timing that’s far from straightforward hardcore. Co-vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney’s voices are constantly bouncing off each other and flying in different directions. Produced by Ross Robinson (whose résumé includes other 2000s post-hardcore classics Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In and Worship and Tribute by Glassjaw, along with several nu metal albums), …Burn, Piano Island, Burn was a huge leap from the rougher Blood Brothers material that preceded it, but not nearly as polished or pop-oriented as what came after. As Henry Rollins once put it, “What a great fucking racket these guys make.”


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