TEEN SUICIDE ‘HONEYBEE TABLE AT THE BUTTERFLY FEAST’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 200 made, Deep Blue Vinyl)

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After abandoning the Teen Suicide moniker in 2017, band leader Sam Ray revived it earlier this year and now is releasing the first Teen Suicide album in six years, honeybee table at the butterfly feast on August 26 via Run For Cover.

The album was written over the course of several years while Ray struggled with a mysterious respiratory illness, which made it very difficult to perform and record—and eventually led to a near death experience. Yet honeybee table at the butterfly feast is still as vibrant and wide-ranging as previous full-band efforts from Ray and whatever constellation of musicians make up Teen Suicide at a given time. From delirious ambient compositions (“another life”) to frayed punk songs (“Death Wish”) to chest-caving grindcore (“Violence Violence”) to tender acoustic ballads (“it was probably nothing but for a moment there i lost all sense of feeling”), honeybee table at the butterfly feast is among the most ambitious collections of songs yet from a songwriter whose desperate obsession with never doing the same thing twice is his only signature.

This exclusive vinyl variant is pressed on 'deep blue' wax and limited to only 200 copies, so order yours today!


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