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Oliver Tree

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 379 Version 1

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  • 1 - Oliver Tree Alternative Press Magazine Issue 379 Version 1


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Oliver Tree says what he memes and memes what he says...

The postmodern polymath lands on the cover of AP with a basic message, a love of all genres and an anything-goes approach toward everything he does. What’s not to love?

Without a doubt, Oliver Tree is the pop star America (and possibly the world) needs. From wearing clothes in which we wouldn’t get caught dead (those rockin’ socks ‘n’ sandals, represent!) to a casual disregard of sticking to one genre on his impending album Ugly Is Beautiful, Tree is changing the game. And you know you want to watch him play it.

“I pulled together all the most interesting parts of my own life and my own personality, presenting myself in a way that was probably the most kooky parts of my life put together,” says Tree about his image and his work. “And I think it really has connected with people well, because it is authentic and it's not fake.”

Come on: Do you have any idea how much we had to settle that bird down so Tree could ride on it? Get your exclusive copy and merchandise here.

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