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Fall Out Boy - An AltPress Collector's Edition Magazine

Fall Out Boy - An AltPress Collector's Edition Magazine

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Fall Out Boy

AltPress Collector's Edition Magazine  



  • 1 - AltPress Collectors Edition - Fall Out Boy
It's been nearly two decades since Fall Out Boy rolled out of the Chicago suburbs armed with enough melodic hooks and lyrical angst to ignite a whole new generation. And AP was there to document it, from their early years of playing VFW's and rickety side-stages on Warped Tour to filling arenas all over the planet on their way to household-name status. All those stories from upstarts to cover stars (and a ton of suh-weet photos) are compiled in our Special Collectors Edition of Fall Out Boy. This is the edition that will trigger great fan great mania that you may very well take to your grave. Because whatever brush you want to pain them with—melodic hardcore, pop-punk or the e-word—there is still nothing like Fall Out Boy.
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