UNDEROATH ‘VOYEURIST’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 350 Made, Gold Vinyl)

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Underoath, the metalcore titans who made some of the most essential albums in the genre’s history, are returning to their roots for their 9th LP, Voyeurist. Entirely self-produced by the band themselves, the 10-song opus features a revival of the crushing heaviness of their most beloved eras, while also keeping things fresh and exciting.

This exclusive vinyl variant is 140g on clear with yellow smoke wax with a gatefold sleeve. Voyeurist is limited to only 350 copies, so order yours today!


1. Damn Excuses 
2. Hallelujah 
3. I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out Of Luck and Have No Friends 
4. Cycle (feat. Ghostemane) 
5. Thorn 
6. (No Oasis) 
7. Take a Breath 
8. We’re All Gonna Die 
9. Numb 
10. Pneumonia

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