Treat Yo Self Collection

2020 is here and it's time you start treating yourself right.

We've gone ahead and done most of the work for you, curating a limited edition, one of a kind bundle that you can not say no to. Dye your hair - take a bath, then - if you're feeling like it - do the same thing next week. Keep your haters guessing what you're going to do next. 

This Purchase Includes: 

Good Dye Young - Hair Dye - Steal My Sunshine
Manic! Panic - Hair Dye - Vegan Pink
Manic! Panic - Hair Dye - Vegan Turquoise
1 Manic! Panic - Hair Dye - Vegan Orange Red
1 Manic! Panic - Hair Dye - Vegan Violet
1 Jeffree Star - Lipstick - Checkmate
1 Andy Black - Lipstick - Blood
1 Brendon Urie - Chapstick - Cherries On Top
1 Adore Delano - Bath Bomb - Delanobombo
1 Andy Black - Soap - My Way - [Scent: Sandalwood]



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