TOUCHE AMORE ‘DEAD HORSE X’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 400 made, Clear/Silver Tri-Color Stripe Vinyl)

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The 2019 rerecording of ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse was recorded by Zach Tuch and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. Tuch served as an engineer on the band's 2018 single "Green." Rickley and Jeff Eaton of Modern Life Is War also rerecorded their guest appearances for the new version.

"You might be asking 'Why re-record this album?' Mostly it's because we physically couldn't remix and remaster the 2009 version due to all the files being lost when the hard drive containing them crashed," the band's Jeremy Bolm explained in a statement. "We also just loved the idea of [drummer Elliot Babin] and [bassist Tyler Kirby] getting to play on this album as they weren't in the band at the time. We wanted the songs to sound like how we've been playing them these last bunch of years. Faster and with more energy. So that's what you get here."

This exclusive vinyl variant of Dead Horse X is on “Clear/Silver Tri-Color Stripe” wax and limited to 400 copies, so order yours today!


1. And Now It's Happening In Mine (Anniversary Version)
2. Honest Sleep (Anniversary Version)
3. Cadence (Anniversary Version)
4. Throwing Copper (Anniversary Version)
5. Swimming With Sharks (Anniversary Version)
6. History Reshits Itself (Anniversary Version)
7. Suckerfish (Anniversary Version)
8. Broken Records (Anniversary Version)
9. Nine (Anniversary Version)
10. Always Running, Never Looking Back (Anniversary Version)
11. Adieux (Anniversary Version)


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