The Essential 2020 Calendar

Alternative Press Magazine Exclusive


  • 1 - 2020 Calendar - Including Dates For Literally - Everything.....Your Favorite Artists Birthdays, Important Dates For The Scene - It's Basically An Encyclopedia For The Year, Well The Important Stuff That Is.....

What's Inside:

Just in time for your next decade: 

The Official AP 2020 calendar has arrived

The Alternative Press 2020 calendar is the ultimate daily reminder of everything you crave when it comes to the music and culture that defines you.

Each month contains images of some of the great bands that have soundtracked your life. Waterparks, Panic! At The Disco, Palaye Royale, idkHOW, Paramore, Fever 333 and so many more are featured over the next 12 months. Actually, we’ve found a way to give you a total of 24 of the top artists you’ve packed venues to see over the past year.

While photos of your fave bands are pretty cool, we decided to go deeper. You know when Valentine’s Day is, but can you tell us what day Riot Fest Chicago starts? Can you rattle off Billie Joe’s birthday without using your phone? We’ve annotated this calendar with over 400+ release dates of your favorite music, birthdays of your choice artists and events that you may want to commemorate in your own special way.

And you know how we’re always saying that if you’ve never heard something, it’s new to you? To that end, we put together a monthly list of suggested albums that’s both historical and relative to today. Punk and alt-rock are institutions of great stature and there’s always something new to discover, whether it’s Billie Eilish or the Birthday Party. That’s 120 records for you to stream when you’re looking for some new fire in your earbuds.

Check out the AP 2020 calendar. Whether you’re marking time or settling bets on when a record was released, it’s probably one of the few items you’ll keep long after the year is over.

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