Ross Lynch - The Driver Era - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 371 - Holographic Collection

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Out of stock

Ross Lynch - The Driver Era

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 371 Holographic Collection

  • AP Issue 371.1 The Driver Era
  • AP Issue 371.2 The Driver Era
  • 11x17 hand-signed poster
  • The Driver Era photobook
  • Ross Lynch double-sided art card
  • Rocky Lynch double-sided art card 

In their relatively brief time on Earth, Ross and Rocky Lynch, the navigators of THE DRIVER ERA, have seen a lot. You may remember them as members of the pop band R5; if not, you’re most assuredly familiar with Ross’ high-profile acting career in things both commercial (as Harvey Kinkle in the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina) and decidedly fringe (as the titular serial killer in the 2017 indie film My Friend Dahmer). But unlike the hive mind aspects of film and television industries, the Lynch brothers are taking and maintaining control of their music career in a big way. 

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