RANCID 'RANCID' (2000) 5x7" SINGLES (White & Red Splatter Vinyl)

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Taken from very different pages than the previous two studio albums, this record definitely draws more on the roots of rancid - and the roots of Easy Bay punk rock. For lots of Rancid fanatics, this is exactly where they wanted Rancid to go - and for others it took an extra spin to warm up to. Either way, it’s become a favorite now - and it’s an undeniably powerful album! As all the previous pressings of this album are virtually out of print, this is a great opportunity to pick up a collectible version that will keep your turntable screaming.

• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a releasable

A - Don Giovanni + Disgruntled +It’s Quite Alright
B - Let Me Go + I Am Forever
C - Poison + Loki + Blackhawk Down
D - Rwanda + Corruption + Antennas
E - Rattlesnake + Not To Regret
F - Radio Havana + Axiom
G - Black Derby Jacket + Meteor of War
H - Dead Bodies + Rigged On A Fix
I - Young Al Capone + Reconciliation
J - Golden Gate Fields

Limited to 500 units

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