Praise the Pup Punk

Good Boy Blue
Good Girl Red

Praise the Pup Punk

(A candle to light in honor of our beloved Pup)


This right here is exactly what every house/apartment/dorm needs. A beautiful candle that showcases our beloved Pup Punk in all of it's glory. As the candle burns - the sun behind him will ignite just like the flames in your heart. Perched high atop a mountain side on a bed of roses, our Pup Punk is wearing a traditional pepperoni pizza tee and raising his arm to "preach". 

FYI, This candle has no affiliation with any religion, unless you consider music to be your religion - in that case praise on.


  • Blue or Red Wax
  • Hand Made
  • High Quality Gloss Label
  • Stands 8 Inches Tall
  • Burns 100 hours
  • Lights The Way Everyday