Powerman 5000 - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 141

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Powerman 5000

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 141

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  • 1 - Powerman 5000 on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 141

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Powerman 5000
Four men of action–and their mysterious leader–have arrived in our solar system to pimp-slap evil in the name of rock ’n’ roll. Todd Myers Lowe rides the cosmic waves beyond space and time with Spider-One to discover Powerman 5000‘s amazing origin.

P.O.D. might have traded in their bad ’tudes for church pews, but that doesn‘t make them wimps. Jaan Uhelszki explores the higher-powered aggro band‘s complex style.

Type O Negative
Type O Negative’s career isn’t fraught with conflicts, smothered hopes, unfulfilled ambitions and thoughts of suicide. It was built upon them. Jason Pettigrew submits his diagnosis on Team Prozac‘s chances of survival.

Joan Jett
Joan Jett has always been rock royalty, beginning with her leadership of the Runaways, the edgy all-girl group who emerged from the Hollywood scene in 1975 when Jett was a mere 15. Here she discusses freaks, fetishes and fresh starts.

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