Pierce The Veil - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 383 Version 2 Collector's Edition

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Pierce The Veil

Alternative Press Magazine Issue 383

Collector's Edition Version 2


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Since their inception about 14 years ago, Pierce The Veil have only had one clearly defined goal: Keep moving forward. That creative trajectory is exactly what you’ll see unfold in AltPress’ new fan edition dedicated to San Diego’s favorite sons. Culled from a number of features, cover stories and random interviews over the years, this edition goes far to document the rise of one of contemporary rock’s sonically bracing outfits.


Brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes started PTV in 2006 after folding their hardcore band Before Today. After enlisting guitarist Tony Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado, the band delivered their 2007 debut, A Flair For The Dramatic. The release was indicative of the post-hardcore/pop-punk intersection happening at the time, with one big difference. The twin guitar attack of Vic and Perry was a key element to the record’s success. The follow-up, 2010’s Selfish Machines, further established the band as an entity that didn’t recognize boundaries. They could thrash faster than a dragster speed trial in the California desert. Vic had a gift for intricate vocal melodies and fretboard ferocity. And he could write an earworm that would stay in your head for days. Both fans and critics fumbled over themselves trying to describe the band. Post-hardcore? Pop punk? Emo? How about just calling it “Pierce The Veil”?

That last sentence isn’t meant to come off arrogant. If you ever cornered Vic and asked him to define his band, he’d probably be polite, smile and call it “rock.” Because PTV have meant so much to so many listeners. You wouldn’t be wrong describing them as a staple of Warped Tour’s legion of Dudes Playing Guitars Quickly And Loudly. But then you’d see a segment on them during Carson Daly’s indie-centric late-night TV show. Or maybe you’d witness them opening for a prepop-damaged Bring Me The Horizon. On their signature record Collide With The Sky, they distilled their musicianship, confessional lyrics and knack for hooks into a defining statement. The follow-up, 2016’s Misadventures, further embraced Vic’s imperative need to keep moving forward with his music. Electronics, creative breakdowns, happy accidents (well, as many as a control freak might allow) and pop hooks abound. Trying to avoid being tagged as one thing or another is hard work. Did you ever consider why it takes years between PTV records? 

We do. We all know Vic would certainly be on any Warped lifer’s list of totally awesome hangs. But when it comes to his music, he’s positively obsessed. He will agonize over getting a guitar tone out of his head and onto a hard drive. His passion for music has cost him more than a couple of meaningful relationships. Yet, the memories of them live in the lyrics of many of his songs. His psychic snapshots of his life perfectly complement the musical vistas he and his bandmates have conjured. The humanity he conveys in his music has a resonance that few groups in “the scene” have been able to match. Which is precisely why PTV means so much to their fans.

And those stories are very much on display in this special AltPress Collector’s Edition. The band are rather forthcoming about what they do and how they do it. From the days of Selfish Machines to the career-defining aspects of Collide With The Sky and its quantum-leap follow-up, Misadventures, it’s all here. Personal moments about the Fuentes’ family history. Stints on Warped Tour. Blown deadlines delivering master recordings to their record label. Perry and Vic landing on an APMAs cover. Vic’s exacting perfectionism. These are the stories that fill the spaces in Pierce The Veil’s mythology that their records created. 

This AltPress Collector’s Edition of Pierce The Veil is essential to their fans. But for those only remotely familiar with PTV, it’s a fascinating overview of a band who have grown as both performers and people. With a storied history and a new album on the horizon, Pierce The Veil have transcended any kind of creative confinement. With no uncertain words and lots of awesome photos, AltPress is celebrating the career of one of America’s finest artists. And you can get it right here...

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