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Palaye Royale

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Issue 380 Version 1

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Palaye Royale are the masters of their own universe...

It’s been a long, strange road for the brothers of Palaye Royale. Forget about their geographical roots in Canada, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Brothers Sebastian Danzig, Remington Leith and Emerson Barrett look like they came out of a rock history storybook published at the turn of the ’70s. While they may sound and dress like archetype rock stars from decades past, the men of Palaye realize there’s a whole new modern consciousness to navigate. And they take that responsibility seriously.

“When you speak honestly with yourself, you’ll be shocked [by] how many people it connects with,” Danzig reveals. “As much as we’re all sad and depressed, we’re all in a room sharing happiness. Some bands play on sadness, but we appreciate the power of all being there and connecting.”

In their second cover story with AltPress, the brothers detail how it’s all about the fans. Their dedication has pushed Palaye to achieve a higher consciousness both in their art and their business. The Bastards, the band’s impending album, is part of that covenant. The band have created a world for fans to get lost in, for better or for hope.

“I realized how incredibly awful this world can be,” Barrett begins. “And if you don’t have inspiration or a sense of understanding—someone to extend their hand—it can make you feel lost. Some of these kids feel so accepted, and this band make them want to be alive. When someone tells me they stayed on this Earth longer than they were going to because of something we’ve done, that’s more important than a hit song or making someone in a boardroom happy.”

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