My Chemical Romance - AltPress Collector's Edition

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My Chemical Romance  1 AltPress Collector's Edition...

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My Chemical Romance

 1 AltPress Collector's Edition [1] - My Chemical Romance


Introducing the first ever AltPress Collectors Edition featuring one of your favorites (and one of ours) My Chemical Romance

Our AltPress Collectors Editions are separate from our 12 issue magazine cycle and will not be distributed in the cycle. The special "collectors edition" series is curated specifically as a limited edition, collectible keepsake for you - the fans. Our "collectors editions" will only be available online and will showcase our 30+ year archive. 

This Special Collector's Edition includes every Alternative Press official story in the history of MCR's career. From I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love to Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys - we're taking a look back and cherishing the incredible 12 year run of MCR. But don't worry...we're still waiting with you #MCRMY

You love Danger Days, Ray Toro, Three Cheers, Mikey Way and The Black Parade. You have all of Frank Iero's solo stuff, you freak out every time you hear a G Note and you're obsessed with Gerard Way. But face it–you're never gonna get a My Chem reunion.

I don't want a reunion, I just wanna...