Lynn Gunn of PVRIS - Alternative Press Magazine 35th Anniversary Single Issue

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Lynn Gunn of PVRIS

Alternative Press Magazine 

35th Anniversary Edition

Single Issue [Online Only]


  • 1 - Lynn Gunn of PVRIS - Alternative Press Magazine 35th Anniversary Edition Issue 384


  • This is a limited edition cover (and collection) in honor of our 35th Anniversary. The magazine contains the same contents as our already released Issue 384. Again, this is a limited edition cover that will not be reprinted.


After two massively successful full-lengths and three EPs, including an acoustic release in 2014, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that PVRISLynn Gunn is dominating the year with the group’s third record, Use Me. Just shy of a week out from that album’s public debut, Gunn is showcasing just how much of a badass she truly is. And has been through the group’s entire existence.

In a collection of releases to celebrate  Alternative Press’ 35th anniversary in June that featured Black Veil Brides, twenty one pilots and iDKHOW, PVRIS are the final installment to this massive issue dedicated to the fans and the artists they love. We won’t say we saved the best for last, but you’re certainly free to draw your own conclusions…

In the final installment of Issue 384, PVRIS’ Gunn revels in the hard work and dedication that she’s poured into the band since their inception in 2012. In an exclusive interview with Alternative Press’ Annie Zaleski, Gunn reveals her stake in the band’s success as the leading and solo force behind PVRIS. From writing the music to laying down beats and creating all of the instrumentals heard on Use Me, Gunn is taking leadership of what is and always has been rightfully hers.

“As far as creatively, it’s always been really singular; it’s just been me and whoever is producing our music,” Gunn says. In our current political climate, it’s more important than ever that Gunn has taken her place as the driving current of the group—and as a strong, dedicated frontwoman.

Owning her artistry, Gunn has allowed herself to take charge of her accomplishments, and that echoes throughout this limited-edition installment. Unfiltered, unapologetic and owning everything that she’s created, Gunn has shed the layer of skin that was holding her back.

Reflecting on being a woman in the music industry, and a woman in general, Gunn reveals why she previously didn’t take the credit she was owed for her work and why it was important to finally own this part of herself.

“Especially as women, there’s so much of this wiring built into us for our entire lives that’s like, ‘Be quiet. Don’t make too much noise. Don’t be labeled as a bitch. And don’t upset anybody: Even if you need to speak your truth or stand up for yourself in this situation, do it nicely, or don’t cause a scene,’” Gunn says. “I think I’m fed up with it, and I think a lot of people are fed up with it at this point. It’s ironic: I put most of the pressure on myself more than anybody to shrink. And I think that’s [true] for a lot of people.”

It hasn’t been without difficulty that we’re finally able to reveal this massive cover to the Alternative Press audience and to the PVRIS fanbase. Alternative Press worked closely with Gunn on the photo selection to ensure that she was presented exactly as she intended. Our ultimate goal was to provide the fans with exclusive content and photos while giving Gunn a platform to own herself and her creativity.

After months of planning and navigating this year’s struggles, it’s without further adieu that we’re delighted to present the PVRIS fanbase with the limited-edition PVRIS/Lynn Gunn Issue 384. This one is for all of you—the fans. And from all of us at Alternative Press, we couldn’t be more proud of Lynn and her third album, Use Me, with PVRIS.

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