FIDDLEHEAD 'SPRINGTIME AND BLIND' LP (Clear & Mustard Pinwheel Vinyl)

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Springtime And Blind
label: Run For Cover
Released: 5/4/18

Clear With Mustard Pinwheel Vinyl Pressing


Fiddlehead’s debut LP Springtime and Blind is an exploration of grief both introspective and through the insight of others. Following the release of their Out of the Bloom EP on Lockin Out Records, the Boston-based band have created a debut LP that shares an anguishing, relatable story of love and loss through the catharsis of spirited, loud indie rock. Consisting of guitarist Alex Henery (also of Basement), vocalist Patrick Flynn and drummer Shawn Costa (both of Have Heart), Fiddlehead explore musical styles different from their other projects while bringing a familiar energetic and emotional core to the collaboration.

1 Spousal Loss (2:15)
2 Poem You (2:09)
3 USMA (2:19)
4 Tidal Waves (2:08)
5 Head Hands (2:14)
6 Rejoice (1:47)
7 Lay Low (2:46)
8 My World (2:37)
9 4/17/70 (2:27)
10 Widow In The Sunlight (3:35)

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