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DAY6 are the international emissaries of no genre


Making their first appearance on the cover of an American music magazine, these Korean pop-rock upstarts have confounded the highly controlled industry that spawned them, critics who can’t slot them and Western fans who love them. 


In another AP first, we’re pointing our telescope toward the East to explore the universe of K-pop sensations DAY6. There are plenty of elements to what these five young men have accomplished, and they’re very similar to the steadfast DIY mindset prevalent in AP’s community. 


The quintet have been creating their own way around the machinations of the highly controlled K-pop industry. More importantly, DAY6 have been navigating their own course with regards to the kind of music they want to make. Which means you could’ve heard them on a Warped Tour stage (“Sweet Chaos”), opening for Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness (“Time Of Our Life”) or right next to Demi Lovato on your (not) guilty pleasures playlists (“Cover”) 


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The members of DAY6 would be the last people on Earth to describe themselves as purely one genre or another. After all, the current musical landscape has been dictated by artists as diverse as Billie Eilish, the Driver Era and Chase Atlantic preaching the no-genre gospel. DAY6 routinely embody that stance. Minus the penthouse suite in an ivory tower. Because as many historical figures in music have stated, there are only two types of music.


“What is good music?” bassist/vocalist Young K asks (full name Brian Kang). “We don’t know. Whatever we wanted to do at that moment? And we’re probably going to do that with the next album and the one after and so on. We don’t even know which kind of songs are going to do well on the charts.” He laughs. “And if we knew, we would have done better! So, we’re just going to do whatever we want.”


Likewise, their attitude toward their craft has also seeped into their attitudes offstage and away from celebrity spotlights. DAY6’s world is as inclusionary as the most incongruent playlist you could ever come up with. Because they are well versed in being human.


“There’s cultural differences no matter where you go in the world,” guitarist Jae shares. “Americans, or English speakers in general, when they come to Korea, I feel like I vibe [with them], and I can really understand where they’re coming from, what they’re dealing with and what things they may have trouble with. So, I feel like I try to help—I don’t know if it does help, but I try.”


DAY6 took the road less predictable and came out ahead of the crowded pack. It’s a story with a multifaceted soundtrack, for sure. And it’s guaranteed to be a milestone in the history of AP.

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