Brendon Urie - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 359 - Ultimate Collection

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Brendon Urie

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 359 Ultimate Collection


  • AP Issue 359.1 Brendon Urie Hell Edition
  • AP Issue 359.2 Brendon Urie Heaven Edition
  • 11x17 Life Would Succ Without You Rolled Poster
  • 11x17 Peace Sign Rolled Poster
  • Brendon Urie Photobook
  • Say Your Prayers Candle
  • Say Your Prayers T-Shirt
  • Say Your Prayers Chapstick
  • Life Would Succ Without You Magnet 

Urie is known as a fast-talking, wise guy with an amazing vocal range: He’s quick with a joke and a laugh and seemingly doesn’t have a care in the world. But there’s a new generation of listeners who are using his music as a rallying force for causes such as gun law reform, the Human Rights Campaign, as well as the LGBTQ awareness sparked by his 2013 single, “Girls/Girls/Boys.”


“I’m always excited when I hear that someone is using my art to make a change,” he says, beaming. “Isn’t that the best possible outcome someone can hope for? Someone changes the world because they were inspired by something I just love to do? That’s so beautiful.” 

Don’t worry, it’s not all heavy. Urie celebrates new bassist Nicole Row and her predecessor Dallon Weekes; gets chatty about life on Broadway, especially the days he wasn’t allowed to leave the theater; and laughs over how excessive partying with friends can yield some pretty great songs. Hell, who wouldn’t want to hang with him?

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