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Big Lil Emo Book Duo

Alternative Press Magazine


  • 1 - Lil Big Emo Book - Hardcover Quote Book - [AP Exclusive]
  • 1 - The Big Book of Emo Album Covers by Alternative Press Magazine

What's Inside:

However, you may be feeling, somebody in a band you like has been there before. 
In our first hardcover book, The Lil Big Emo Book features more than 100 quotes from your favorite artists, offering words of encouragement, recalling the dark times of life, and appreciating music, just like you.

THE BIG BOOK OF EMO ALBUM COVERSAlternative Press' second print book, pays homage to over 200 of the greatest emo album covers of all time. From classics such as My Chemical Romance "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" (2004) and Yellowcard, to the core of the emo revolution: Mineral's "The Power of Failing" (1997) and AFI, this giant encyclopedia-style, emo guide is the perfect way to fall into a black hole of emo music.

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