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Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 393 - April 2021

Version 2

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Architects’ ninth studio album, For Those That Wish To Exist, was the Brighton band’s opportunity for rebirth. With the release of their latest collection of work looming over the evolving genre of metal and the future of touring, For Those That Wish To Exist offers a boisterous tracklisting designed to pulsate through speakers in arenas and stadiums. While it may persuade you to put your foot to the floor with your windows down and your car stereo blaring as loud as it can go without blowing out the speakers, you’d be missing the point of the album entirely.

Released Feb. 26 via Epitaph Records, For Those That Wish To Exist examines the transcendental form between life and death as well as the human element that affects Mother Nature and climate change. Vocalist Sam Carter’s ferociously melodic arrangements across tracks such as “Animals” and “Dead Butterflies” push the group beyond their previously self-set limitations to introduce them into uncharted territory.

Now, after the massive success of For Those That Wish To Exist earning them their first-ever No. 1 U.K. album, Architects are making their U.S. magazine cover debut with Alternative Press. Front and center, the group are continuing to meticulously use their platform and voices to promote awareness and action needed to cease the nearly irreversible effects of global warming. 6 years, 291 days, 1,134 hours, 01 minutes—at the time of the cover photo shoot—and counting. 

While so many are blissfully unaware of the serious and catastrophic effects of global warming, Architects have dedicated themselves to be a positive source of both inspiration and change for the world. Whether it’s through their music, at their shows or on their social media, the members work to communicate with their growing audience to demonstrate the need for change. They even work with the nonprofit organization Sea Shepherd to set up informational tables at their shows to spread awareness on marine wildlife and conservation. You can read more information on the work Sea Shepherd does here.

In addition to an all-new interview and photo shoot from Ed Mason featured in Issue 393, Alternative Press has worked closely and diligently with the band and their team to ensure we are continuing to spread their message. Despite the group’s desperate cries for change across the album, highlighted on “An Ordinary Extinction,” it takes everyone to make a difference.

Besides Architects’ debut U.S. cover, AltPress Issue 393 also spotlights a number of new artists deserving of your uninterrupted attention. From the lo-fi sound of Claud to powerhouse vocalist Zoe Wees, who was featured in the Alternative Press 100 Artists You Need To Know issue earlier this year, prepare your playlists for their domination. Additionally, legendary artist and advocate Kathleen Hanna shares the story of her T-shirt company Tees4Togo, which sends young girls to school in Dapaong, Togo. Across each page, Issue 393 supports our advocacy for inclusivity through AP&R, the resurrected AP Recs column and more new music now.

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