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Andy Biersack

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Issue 361

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Besides navigating his roles as pop-crooning raconteur (Andy Black) and rock god seemingly descended from Valhalla (Black Veil Brides), the real Andy Biersack is grateful for his fans and eager to help make the world a better place. In this lengthy interview, we gave him topics and let him address them without prejudice or filter. From anxiety to androgyny, fashion to Fortnite and many points in between, this sit-down chat reveals many facets to a figure who’s both entertaining and inspiring.


  • ALL TIME LOWs wise-guy guitarist JACK BARAKAT keeps the LOLZ coming, with some occasional short respites of seriousness in this month’s 10 Topics. 
  • GOOD CHARLOTTE develops a cure for what’s troubling Generation RX.
  • BOSTON MANOR - There’s probably more rock action going on in your hometown than there ever was in Boston Manor’s environs in Blackpool, U.K.—which makes their conviction even greater.
  • WITH CONFIDENCE - They’ve learned from their mistakes and have moved forward proudly. The men of Team WithCon want you to focus on where they are now, as opposed to where they’ve been.
  • AP’S CLASS OF 2008 - We jump in the rock time machine to revisit and reflect on some records that made people’s heads swivel a decade ago. Have we backpedaled on our opinions one album by 3OH!3ALKALINE TRIOANTHONY GREENTHE CAB, FALL OUT BOYTHE MAINENINE INCH NAILS, FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS, BRING ME THE HORIZON and PANIC AT THE DISCO? Find out...  
  • THE INTERRUPTERS’ Aimee Allen vividly recalls how music saved her and how she’s dedicating her life to paying that ideal forward.
  • AP ARCHIVES - This month’s back-to-school edition finds SUM 41 feeling hot for the teacher; 3OH!3 revisiting some Happy Days, and PIERCE THE VEIL cramming themselves into lockers.
  • And as always, we’ve got 10 Essential, 12 Bands, amazing fan art and more!  
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