Where is my subscription?
As stated in the product description, subscriptions can take up to 8 weeks to fulfill.  Your first magazine will be the current magazine at that time of shipping. For further questions, please email subscriptions@altpress.com or call 818-286-3120

Where is my poster?
As stated in the product description and the confirmation email - the poster ships separately in a tube.  This can cause extra processing days at the USPS, but you will receive your poster within a few days.

Where is my order?
Many products have preorder ship dates, please refer to the product descriptions for the specific ship dates.  On regular items, it can take up to 5 business days for us to process the order and get it to the USPS.  The USPS can take up to 72 hours before the tracking scans your package updates.  Please keep in mind that the shipping time purchased at the checkout refers to the time the package will be with USPS and does not include the processing time within our warehouse.

Can I find AP in stores?
We are sold in Target, Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic as well as many others.  Head to altpress.com/wheretobuy to find a locations closest to you!  If you can't find us in your town hit us up on Twitter @altpress with #gimmieAP with your store and location.

I want to cancel my order, how do I do that?
Please send us an email to store@altpress.com with your name and order # as well as the reason you would like to cancel your order.  We will do anything within our power to remedy any dissatisfaction with our customers, but sometimes cancelling and refunding is necessary.

I got my order and my items are damaged!  What do I do now!?
If you have received damaged property from Alternative Press please send us an email to store@altpress.com with your name, order # and photo of your damaged product. We will replace any items that have more than normal damage if we have stock. Signed posters are very difficult to replace but when we can, we will!  Minor damage to the magazine binding is normal and we are unable to send replacements for this as you will receive similarly ‘damaged’ product as all our binding gets a little banged up in transit.

My tracking number says my order was delivered but I don’t have it!
If your tracking number states it is delivered yet you do not have your package, please contact your local USPS and place a missing item claim on your tracking number.  

Why is shipping so expensive?
We do not set our shipping prices, the USPS directly rates your shipping price based upon the weight of your order and your distance from our warehouse. 

For all other inquiries, please call us at 216-631-1510 x 130 or email us with your order number in the subject line at store@altpress.com all calls and emails will be answered and returned within the next business day.  Our hours are Monday - Friday 11 AM - 5 PM EST.