Now in its 31st year, Alternative Press continues to be on the forefront of discovering new artists, breaking news and reporting on the latest trends in music and youth culture. Since its early days as a pasted-up fanzine in the mid-’80s, Alternative Press is one of the largest music magazines in the world.
AP provides in-depth interviews and exclusive photos, making it an essential collector's piece for a passionate fan base, as well as digitally through various mobile and tablet formats.
AP has expanded its digital reach via an enhanced mobile app and, one of the world’s fastest-growing websites. The site has become a necessary destination for up-to-the-minute breaking news, coverage from our national APtv correspondents, exclusive multimedia premieres and much more.
Additionally, we have been successfully extended through live events, beginning with the launch of the AP Tour and the APMAS. Independently owned and operated, AP continues to reach millions of fans, offering them insight to the hottest artists and cultural trends first.