The AltPress Cover Story - Blink-182 - AltPress Magazine Issue 140

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The AltPress Cover Story


AltPress Magazine Issue 140 (March 2000)


  • 1 - AltPress Cover Story - Blink 182 - AltPress Magazine Issue 140


For the first time in 19 years, we're bringing back the original, very first blink-182 cover story that appeared on the pages of Alternative Press Issue 140. Following the release of their massively successful albumEnema of the State (June 1, 1999), the rambunctious trio bare it all...well almost, and tell us the dirty details of not being afraid to make fun of anybody or anything - that's just who they are. Fast forward to 2019 and blink-182 can't even blame it on their youth, it's just in their DNA to have dirty minds and mouthes. Dive into the full March 2000, Issue 140, twelve page cover story exclusively with AltPress.

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