Bring Me The Horizon - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 365 - Platinum Collection

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 Bring Me The Horizon

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 365 Platinum Collection


  • AP Issue 365.1 Bring Me The Horizon
  • AP Issue 365.2 Bring Me The Horizon
  • 11x17 signed reprint poster
  • 11x17 Oli Sykes poster
  • Photobook
  • Hexagram vinyl slip mat

After 14 years in the rock ’n’ roll trenches, your band is at its peak, with admirable record sales and sold-out shows all over the planet. And when you’re offstage, everything around you is either on fire or falling apart. That’s exactly what frontman Oli Sykes and keyboardist/programmer Jordan Fish, the braintrust of Bring Me The Horizon, were going through as they made amo, the follow-up to 2015’s breakthrough release, That’s The Spirit.


THE REGRETTES’ frontwoman LYDIA NIGHT has some opinions about guitars, foods and self-care, and some of them might be unpopular. C’est la frickin’ vie...

FEVER 333—along with John Feldmann and Travis Barker—are ready to sear some scar tissue across your brain in this month’s ALBUM ANATOMY.

BAYSIDE’s v. cool Anthony Raneri always exudes confidence and charm, but this month, he reveals the very serious hurdle he had to bound over to realize that IT GOT BETTER.


Rife with personnel changes, questionable business decisions and being creatively stuck, the Jersey-based electronic-rock act were ready to call it a day. Then they decided to follow their hearts, instead of a scene.


The Florida nü-metal outfit are bringing both rage and compassion to a community that needs to fight the power more than ever.


Chris Conley refers to us in SAVES THE DAY’s epic song “29,” while MAN OVERBOARD kick up a blizzard and THE DISTILLERS kick some ass.

Not to forget the 10 Essential albums that might have gotten under your radar, 12 Bands, the sweetest of fan art and much more!  


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