Awsten Knight - Alternative Press Magazine Issue 373

AWSTEN KNIGHT AltPress Magazine Issue 373 Awsten Knight, the mouthpiece of pop-punk mavericks Waterparks, is seemingly on, 24/7/365. But if his loose cannon, mile-a-minute vibe is key to his band’s wondrous spin on pop-punk convention, well hell, we’re going to pick wired over tired every time. But if he’s being honest, that’s not how he wants to be painted.  While we’re waiting for the ‘’parks service to complete their new album (slated for release this fall on Hopeless Records), we decided to turn the microphone toward Knight and make this cover story all about him. AltPress asked Paige Owens to sit down with him for a deep- dive chat on nearly everything ricocheting in that pretty green-coiffed skull of his.