[368.2] - Andy Black - Solo Rider



Issue #368.2 - AP x Andy Black



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ANDY BLACK embraces (and shakes off a few) ghosts on new album, graphic novel
Andy Biersack has returned with the second dark-pop chapter of his solo alter ego Andy Black, and man, is it an ambitious one. Last month, fans got a taste of what the Black-smith was crafting with the Bowie/Duran Duran-affected funk of “Westwood Road.” On The Ghost Of Ohio, Biersack widens his circle of influence from the aforementioned track to distinct classic-rock signifiers, percolating dance-rock and stentorian balladry.
While Biersack’s output of music and the new Ghost graphic novel will certainly resonate with Biersack’s fans, there’s another aspect to this creative arc that’s quite crucial to him.