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Waterparks Alternative Press Magazine Issue 376 Version...

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Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 376 Version 2

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  • 1 Waterparks (Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington, Otto Wood) on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 376 Version 2
** This Cover Was Imagined & Hand Drawn By Awsten Knight Himself **

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    What's Inside:

    Waterparks are ready to fan the flames—and flame the fans...

    On their new album, ‘FANDOM’—and their next AltPress cover story—the Texas-based pop-rockers are fueled by an ambitious creative spirit, the desire to avoid boredom and the abject neurosis of being honest to their fans despite getting ratioed about it.

    On FANDOM, their debut album for Hopeless Records, the young men of Waterparks have dedicated themselves to being real. Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood have waded through the ocean of social media comments and navigated new responsibilities in their own personal lives to get to this point. And it truly is one to behold.

    “There's countless, amazing specifics in words,” Knight says about the writing and the sentiment behind the songs on FANDOM. “Really good writing comes from if you've actually experienced it so it's genuine, but you're also not holding anything back with it, and you're also trying to word it in ways that haven't been described to people before.”