Underoath on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 356

Underoath on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 356


Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 356 Version 1

What's Inside:

Underoath started out nearly two decades ago as Christian boys who just wanted to play music that excited them. They built their reputation on uncompromising art and faith-based initiatives only to end up driving wedges between themselves via mental breakdowns, substance abuse and the demands of real life. Now armed with the wisdom of age and the ravenous hunger to further redefine what they started, they’re putting their love and faith into the very thing that got them this far: themselves.

Get your copy of AP 356 to get the full story on their return and what led to their separation in the first place. Read the full story, only available in AP Issue 356.


THE FEVER 333—formed by members of letlive., the Chariot and Night Verses—are dedicating their lives to making music as dangerous as the times we live in. The revolution needs its heroes, so don’t stay at home.

IDOL WORSHIP - During his teens, NOTHING,NOWHERE. mastermind Joe Mulherin’s vision was significantly shaped by DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL architect Chris Carrabba’s exposed-nerve introspection. Today, both men (now labelmates) are making artistic strides, paying the inspiration forward to listeners all the while. Of course, we had to get them on the phone with each other.

OUR LYRICS SPECIAL Because lyrics can sometimes convey your soul in ways you simply can’t, here’s to the songs that speak our truths. This month’s special pairs gorgeous images of your favorite bands with some of our favorite words from their songs. Featuring Andy Black, Palaye Royale, Grayscale, New Years Day, the Regrettes, Boston Manor and more!

IT GOT BETTER As usual, Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive comes correct while writing about her journey toward self-acceptance.

10 TOPICS Pop songstress LIGHTS discusses songs, poutine, comics and touring—but not Fight Club.

ALBUM ANATOMY We ask Moose Blood about why they don’t think they can do this anymore.

10 ESSENTIAL With the triumphant return of Underoath, we thought we’d round up some other bands we’d really, really like to see a follow-up album from. Featuring My Chemical Romance, Jawbreaker, From First To Last, D.R.U.G.S. and more.

12 BANDS Need a new twist in your sonic sobriety? We got ’em. The 12 up-and-coming bands you need to check out this month.

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