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Welcome Tilian to AP 363

Welcome Tilian to AP 363

“People would ask me sometimes at [my] solo shows, ‘How are you ever going to step out of the shadow of Dance Gavin Dance?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever want to do that?’ It’s the perfect project for me. I would never want to lose the incredible energy that’s there.” 

Whatever you think of him—sophistication blueprint, musical polymath, quality hang or dream date—Tilian Pearson fits all those roles.



Two years ago, the celebrated U.K. metal act were wracked with grief after the death of their co-founder. Instead of throwing in the towel, they threw down hard with some of the most passionate tracks they’ve ever written. Listen up, because it doesn’t get any realer than this.  


Sure, you’ve heard Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman in their previous roles in Panic! At The Disco and Falling In Reverse. As IDKhow, they’re conjuring a sonic sorcery of their own design, one stacked vocal harmony (and kiss) at a time.


It’s very popular for fans to credit their favorite bands for “saving” them through the power of a song. In this special, ANDY BLACKFRANK IEROWATERPARKSSET IT OFFDAN CAMPBELL, TAKING BACK SUNDAY and other artists recall the songs that made them want to pay the inspiration forward.

This month’s 10 TOPICS finds LAURA JANE GRACE of THE DEVOURING MOTHERS and AGAINST ME! being fiscally responsible and always traveling mindful. Welcome to the house that punk built—with the option of really nice pillows.

THE BOULET BROTHERS’ life trajectory from rebellious, mixed-up youths to iridescent cultural fulcrum—as creators of the reality show Dragula—is the kind of story we need to celebrate, cultivate and elevate to the world. They are living proof that IT GOT BETTER.

The three-headed Australian pop-rock delegation STAND ATLANTIC hope to make the biggest splash possible on their American debut LP. We get the story on their debut release Skinny Dipping in ALBUM ANATOMY.

In this issue’s AP ARCHIVES, we remember the times when HEAD AUTOMATICA went to the dogs, SYSTEM OF A DOWN got down to business and CHIODOS got framed. Our 10 ESSENTIAL picks list haunted-house howl-raisers for your Halloween hair raising, while we discover some of the most exciting photos and beautiful fan art from all parts of the globe.

Welcome Warped Tour to the cover AP!

Welcome Warped Tour to the cover AP!

The 22nd year of punk rock’s most enduring tour is about to kick off, and we’ve got the essential guide for any Warped Tour warrior. This year, we’re looking backward and forward: We caught up with the frontmen of Attila, Creeper, Dance Gavin Dance, I Prevail, Knocked Loose, Movements and Too Close To Touch to find out their plans for superior rock domination this summer.

Then we reached out far and wide to speak with bands who have been a part of Warped’s history and had them share their stories of that one time at punk-rock summer camp. From horses defecating in the pit (no, really) to setting actual world records, these are VWT’s best insider stories. Members of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Underoath, All Time Low and Good Charlotte, among many others, share their stories! Spoiler alert: A lot of people were eager to reminisce on Katy Perry’s involvement in 2008.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, we brought back our special Warped Tour coloring pages this year, this time featuring Andy Black, Beartooth, Jule Vera, Memphis May Fire, Neck Deep and New Years Day.