Panic At The Disco an Alternative Press Magazine Special Collector's Edition

Panic At The Disco

Alternative Press Magazine

Special Collector's Edition

What's Inside:

Introducing the the second edition of the AltPress Collector's Edition featuring one of your all-time favorites Panic! At The Disco

Our AltPress Collector's Editions are separate from our 12 issue magazine cycle and will not be distributed in the cycle. The special "collector's edition" series is curated specifically as a limited edition, collectible keepsake for you - the fans. Our "collector's editions" will only be available online and will showcase our 33+ year archive. 

This Special Collector's Edition includes every Alternative Press official story in the history of Panic! At The Disco's14+ year career. From A Fever You Can't Sweat Out to Death of a Bachelor - we're taking you on a walk down memory of the good, the bad, and the dirty...even though we all know that it's only been good!

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