Awsten Knight of Waterparks on Alternative Press Magazine Issue 354

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Awsten Knight of Waterparks

Alternative Press Magazine

Issue 354 Version 1

What's Inside:

Awsten Knight gets candid about Waterparks’ not-so-overnight success...

Awsten Knight would rather be cool than be a star. Fortunately, his band of ADD-addled pop-rock marauders have the songs and the disposition to have it both ways. The erratic but loveable frontman gets candid about Waterparks’ not-so-overnight success (despite what the haters might think), why he’s over dudes being pleasantly surprised by their music and the reason the band wasted no time releasing their sophomore album.

Also this month: Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall has always exuded an aura of extreme positivity and confidence. Now, she’s ready to tell the truth. In her interview with AltPress, she’s frank about the health problems that have affected her life in recent years—and the eating disorder she developed because of them. She’s sharing her reality, in the hopes that knowledge might help others, as well as accelerate her own personal healing. Plus, Frank Iero of the Patience discusses roasting his fans, reflecting on tragedy and revealing his feelings on the “R” word.

And don’t forget: This month marks the debut issue of our new format print magazine. It’s a bigger size, with nicer paper and richer photography in an effort to create the truly collectable book our community deserves. Check it out!

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