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    AP Insider

    Welcome Lynn Gunn of PVRIS to AP 355

    Welcome Lynn Gunn of PVRIS to AP 355

    Lynn Gunn got caught up in the whirlwind of being in a successful band, and it almost carried her far and away from her goals. Now, she’s sharing her travails and breakthroughs in the latest issue of AP.

    While recording PVRIS’ ambitious and ornate All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, Gunn found herself feeling burnt out, overthinking everything and feeling emotionally detached. “I was not happy with where I was at,” she says. “And I knew that if I stayed there, and if I continued to be in that, nothing that we would do from there on out would even matter. We could conquer the world, and if I was in that space, emotionally and mentally, none of it would have meant anything.”

    Gunn goes on to talk about how she took charge of her life and tackled her issues head on. Read the full story, only available in AP Issue 355.

    Also in this issue:

    We paired some crucial quotes about determination, introspection and inspiration to photos of the rockers who said them. Consider this our vastly superior version of those boring motivational posters that are really big in office buildings. Let these words from your favorite musicians inspire you when you need it most, including TWENTY ONE PILOTS, THE 1975, PARAMORE, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, HENRY ROLLINS and many more...

    The solo vehicle for State Champs’ Ryan Scott Graham has traversed the realm of music to wander into photography and creative writing. See images and short stories by Graham compiled just for this issue.

    Buddy Nielsen was an outspoken, shoot-from-the-hip mover and shaker in the early days of 21st century emo. Now he’s replacing bad memories and bad choices with all the light he can find.

    Plus, hardcore’s candidate for the most interesting man alive Keith Buckley of EVERY TIME I DIE ponders small talk with diner employees, the end of Warped and the most rock thing he ever witnessed. Landon Tewers of THE PLOT IN YOU chronicles his quest for bettering himself. We go behind the making of Of Mice & Men’s Defy. We tell you 10 ESSENTIAL characters from songs that you definitely don’t want to date. Trust us. And of course, 12 up-and-coming bands dominating our playlists this month.

    Get all this and more in this month’s AltPress!

    Welcome Awsten Knight of Waterparks to the cover!

    Welcome Awsten Knight of Waterparks to the cover!

    Awsten Knight gets candid about Waterparks’ not-so-overnight success...

    Awsten Knight would rather be cool than be a star. Fortunately, his band of ADD-addled pop-rock marauders have the songs and the disposition to have it both ways. The erratic but loveable frontman gets candid about Waterparks’ not-so-overnight success (despite what the haters might think), why he’s over dudes being pleasantly surprised by their music and the reason the band wasted no time releasing their sophomore album.

    Also this month: Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall has always exuded an aura of extreme positivity and confidence. Now, she’s ready to tell the truth. In her interview with AltPress, she’s frank about the health problems that have affected her life in recent years—and the eating disorder she developed because of them. She’s sharing her reality, in the hopes that knowledge might help others, as well as accelerate her own personal healing. Plus, Frank Iero of the Patience discusses roasting his fans, reflecting on tragedy and revealing his feelings on the “R” word.

    And don’t forget: This month marks the debut issue of our new format print magazine. It’s a bigger size, with nicer paper and richer photography in an effort to create the truly collectable book our community deserves. Check it out!

    Welcome Ash Costello to the cover of AP!

    Welcome Ash Costello to the cover of AP!

    New Years Day’s Ash Costello always wanted to have a career in music, but many forces held her back—including herself. It was only after she chose to go from being a doormat to a one-woman demolition squad that her and brothers in rock started seeing their fortunes change. In this issue, Costello digs deep into her past to tell the story of how she dropped her fear of losing people and opportunities to become a strong, confident role model for her fans.

    We also caught up with Julien Baker who has received growing acclaim for her next-level confessional songwriting style and the unstoppable indie rock duo the Front Bottoms. Plus we asked members of BLACK VEIL BRIDES, CODE ORANGE, HALESTORM, FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE, OF MICE & MEN, PIERCE THE VEIL, PVRIS, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS and WATERPARKS  a very important question: What’s the best thing you heard this year?  

    We also take a look at tons of up-and-coming artists you need to check out before your friends try to lie and say they heard them first, including PEARS, Sharptooth and Pale Waves. In the style department, we have a delightful selection of horror-inspired bath bombs that will make you shriek while you soak, and in case you missed it in your feeds, the ’90s are back. And to top it all off we have five staffers tell you what they think of the Used’s much-anticipated The Canyon.

    The Ultimate Guide To Emo - Get yours NOW!

    The Ultimate Guide To Emo - Get yours NOW!

    We never realized how much controversy the e-word would radiate in a music world where so many bands and subcultures would lay claim/waste to the term. Actually, we did, but we put together this special issue, anyway.

    So we decided to go back in history, from post-harDCore mentors (Rites Of Spring) to Midwestern majors (Braid) to the biggest thing to ever come out of Jersey (you know who), to explore the most influential outfits that took up the emo mantle—even if it was foisted upon them.

    And for anyone wondering what the hell emo is, anyway, writer Jesse Richman tries to connect emo’s various roots, branches and virulent strains. He draws a historical line in the sand, along with a compelling argument about emo as a subgenre that’s always in flux and in progress.

    In 2007, the scene as we know it was pretty fertile in all directions, from pop punk to metalcore, emo (of course) and straight-up punk. For our THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES look-back, we parsed records by AGAINST ME!, ALL TIME LOW, CHIODOS, FALL OUT BOY, PARAMORE and SAY ANYTHING, among many others, to sum up a banner year for the scene.

    Plus, tons of old-school posters and features on AUGUST BURNS REDKNUCKLE PUCK, THE GOSPEL YOUTH, GRETA VAN FLEET, NO WARNING and more!

    We also look to the future with this month’s 10 Essential, offering up crucial songs from 10 artists who are keeping the emo headspace very much alive.

    Those who don’t know history are doomed to delete it...

    Welcome Neck Deep to the cover of AP!

    Welcome Neck Deep to the cover of AP!

    Nobody thought the next brightest hopes of pop punk would be coming out of Wrexham, U.K. On top of that, nobody thought NECK DEEP were going to be the band to spread the gospel. It hasn’t always been the smoothest ride, though. Our newest cover stars open up about their climb, their struggles and their haters in their most in-depth story to date. We even have and exclusive track-by-track where Ben Barlow takes us through every song on The Peace And The Panic.

    SLEEPING WITH SIRENS are still making music they are passionate about, even if it sounds a little different this time around. We talked to Kellin Quinn about how the band are going big with a major-label deal, a new producer and a new way of doing things.

    Plus: PALAYE ROYALE’s Remington Leith talks us through his tattoos, Windy City homeboys SLEEP ON IT show us their favorite spots in Chicago and we take a look at some awesome bands on the rise including WAGE WAR, DED, THE WRECKS and FREE THROW.