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    AP Insider

    Welcome twenty øne piløts to AP 362

    Welcome twenty øne piløts to AP 362

    Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun—known to the world as twenty one pilots—spent three years plying their existential pop to audiences all over Earth. The cumulative effect of touring the world and experiencing other cultures was crucial to not only the creation of their new album Trench, but for clearing new routes of consciousness Joseph had in his head. Ever wonder about the weather in Trench? How long the duo think they can go on? If they ever fight?

    Despite their worldwide success touring behind the multi-Platinum Blurryface, Joseph and Dun refuse to take anything for granted. They spoke with AP about what they’ve accomplished, but still question where they need to go.

    In a world where social media updates are everything, Joseph wonders if staying off the grid to focus hard on his music was the right thing to do. Change may be the only constant in this band, but Dun readily admits, “When asked if we’ve changed, I thought about the dynamic between us. I think we’re closer than ever in a really cool way.”

    Joseph sums up Trench (the album) and Trench (the universe in his head) thusly: There’s something about it that is uncomfortable and uneasy and scary, but man, that’s where I’m supposed to be. A lot of things I was dealing with and still am helped me try to create that world. I felt that like I was trying to create some control.”

    Our 24-page feature includes tons of brand-new, gorgeous photos from our exclusive shoot. To read the full story, pick up your copy of 362 here! In the meantime, check out our three (!) new covers featuring Tyler and Josh together.


    SHARPTOOTH frontwoman LAUREN KASHAN is simultaneously charming as hell, honest as can be and (naturally) punk AF.


    YOU ME AT SIX never thought they would make six records. But the easiest thing they did on this one was come up with the title.


    By the end of this summer’s Warped Tour, America’s finest fashion/rock convergence had reached their breaking point with life, love and art. Well, maybe not entirely. Now they’re wondering if they need to learn to disappear.


    Caleb Shomo always puts it all on the line when making records. He chooses to venture into the darkest areas of his psyche—which is why Beartooth’s cathartic metalcore is constantly compelling.


    On their new album, ATC are weaving through the pop-rock axis with synthesizers set to “stun” and frontwoman Chrissy Costanza wearing her heart on her sleeve in ways you’ve never heard before.


    DOLL SKIN’s Sydney Dolezal was one of summer’s dynamic, confident performers on the final Warped Tour. But it wasn’t always that way, and she’s here to remind you of that.


    This month’s selection is the reason for the Halloween season, whether it’s EVERY TIME I DIE getting all medieval; FROM FIRST TO LAST filling up their own X-File; or FALL OUT BOY investigating something weird in the neighborhood.

    And of course, 10 Essential, 12 Bands, inspiring fan art and so much more!  

    Welcome Andy Biersack to AP 361

    Welcome Andy Biersack to AP 361

    Besides navigating his roles as pop-crooning raconteur (Andy Black) and rock god seemingly descended from Valhalla (Black Veil Brides), the real Andy Biersack is grateful for his fans and eager to help make the world a better place. In this lengthy interview, we gave him topics and let him address them without prejudice or filter. From anxiety to androgyny, fashion to Fortnite and many points in between, this sit-down chat reveals many facets to a figure who’s both entertaining and inspiring.

    Welcome 5SOS to AP 360

    Welcome 5SOS to AP 360

    Five years ago, you probably didn’t know who 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER were. Now, much to every angsty cred-monger’s chagrin, the band have outlasted their ephemeral namesake and taken a bold swing to cement themselves in the pop-rock sphere. But does growing up mean moving on?

    READ MORE: Twenty One Pilots already broke a record with “Jumpsuit”

    In this issue, we dive deep into 5SOS’ world, talking about everything from facing their demons when they finally had a break from their brutal touring schedule to

    why young girls are usually the first to know what’s cool



    In this photo special featuring the work of photographer Andy DeLuca, you’ll find pals in search of precision, pensiveness and prepostery. Enjoy 17 pages of the guys onstage and behind the scenes, featuring some never-before-seen images.



    Welcome Brendon Urie to AP 359

    Welcome Brendon Urie to AP 359

    Panic! At The Disco mainstay Brendon Urie returns to the cover of AP prior to the release of Panic!’s sixth album, Pray For The Wicked. And while he’d probably say that his pop life is business as usual, many fans have embraced his work in a new capacity, one that aligns with their socio-political worldviews. How the hell did that happen?

    READ MORE: Watch Panic! At The Disco perform in the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas

    Urie is known as a fast-talking, wise guy with an amazing vocal range: He’s quick with a joke and a laugh and seemingly doesn’t have a care in the world. But there’s a new generation of listeners who are using his music as a rallying force for causes such as gun law reform, the Human Rights Campaign, as well as the LGBTQ awareness sparked by his 2013 single, “Girls/Girls/Boys.”

    “Seeing all these hearts fly up during a song I wrote about a sexual, personal experience that turned it into something else…,” he pauses, “the fans made it into something way cooler. It changed the meaning entirely for the better, and I was so happy to see that happen. It’s so beautiful. I hope there is some reciprocity [between me and my fans]. I don’t want to always put it on them, like their only call to arms is to be there when I fall. I want to be there when they fall.

    “I’m always excited when I hear that someone is using my art to make a change,” he says, beaming. “Isn’t that the best possible outcome someone can hope for? Someone changes the world because they were inspired by something I just love to do? That’s so beautiful.”

    Don’t worry, it’s not all heavy. Urie celebrates new bassist Nicole Row and her predecessor Dallon Weekes; gets chatty about life on Broadway, especially the days he wasn’t allowed to leave the theater; and laughs over how excessive partying with friends can yield some pretty great songs. Hell, who wouldn’t want to hang with him?

    Welcome Adore Delano to AP 358

    Welcome Adore Delano to AP 358


    Drag superstar Adore Delano’s punk AF attitude is changing everything—and you’re next

    After being launched into the greater consciousness via stints on American Idol and Drag Race, vocalist/performer Adore Delano has become as fierce as any mosh pit, fueled by both a massive, dedicated fanbase and the overarching need to get things done on her terms only.

    READ MORE: Adore Delano talks second coming out: Her heavy-rock album ‘Whatever’

    After making two albums of electronic-based dance music that made her a club staple, Delano said “eff it” and made Whatever, doing away with the pop and doubling down on the guitar rock that influenced her in her teens when she was devoted to Marilyn Manson and grunge gods Nirvana.

    She’s punk AF and is merrily disrupting the drag scene she came up through while carving her nails in the current veneer of rock ’n’ roll. Despite coming from a world that routinely celebrates artifice, Delano’s not afraid of speaking her truth, whether it’s about her ongoing legal battles, what the dating scene is like for a queen, the impact Trump's immigration crackdown is having on her family (“I have foster tías on my mom’s side who could be affected by everything.”) or the convoluted politics of her mentor RuPaul.

    Earlier this year, in a profile for The Guardian, RuPaul disclosed that he likely would not allow a trans contestant who’d had gender confirmation surgery or begun medically transitioning to compete on his VH1 reality television competition show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Adore, who competed on the show’s sixth season and narrowly missed taking the crown, tells AltPress, “…seeing that the fans are getting younger and younger, and the culture of drag is becoming a lot more accepting, it’s a really fucked-up way of thinking. Drag really starts with trans women. Those comments are very cringe-y, and every time (RuPaul) says something like that, I end up on the phone with some of my homegirls from the show and I’m like, ‘Girl… she needs to chill.’”

    Get on the ride, and don’t get left behind. Check out tons more in the issue - on sale now - click it or ticket! 


    In this LGBTQ-themed issue, we’re here to report that ROCK ’N’ ROLL HAS ALWAYS BEEN QUEER, from Little Richard in the ’50s to Bowie and Queen in the ’70s and Laura Jane Grace, Julien Baker and Limp Wrist reigning in today’s continuum of today’s pansexual performers. Celebrate and congratulate, accordingly. In addition, this month’s 10 ESSENTIAL column picks resonant songs to show your pride, while TRASH BOAT’s Tobi Duncan encourages everyone to find their true identity in IT GOT BETTER.

    This month’s 10 TOPICS finds AGAINST THE CURRENT’s Chrissy Costanza hating on tanning, arrogant people and gross microphones—but loving Bon Jovi.

    Instead of sitting all of them down for a standard interview, we asked the members of pop-punk wunderkinds STATE CHAMPS to reveal their individual mythologies in their own words. From betting on dreams to accidentally discovering the scene, these guys are living proof that good things can happen in the name of pop punk. Not to mention we’ve got some adorable personal photos you don’t want to miss out on.

    This month, we are LIGHTING THE FUSE, setting our sights on 10 new bands poised to shake things up in 2018 and beyond. Deep in our heart, we know that THE ACESBOSTON MANORI DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND METILLIEGRAYSCALE and more are ready to blow up your boredom.

    In ALBUM ANATOMY, Korn frontman JONATHAN DAVIS reveals how his debut solo album, Black Labyrinth, took him 10 years to make and what he did to himself to finish it.

    For this installment of AP ARCHIVES, MARILYN MANSON goes WestworldKURT COBAIN gets remembered and JEFFREE STAR asks, “Can you dig it?”