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Welcome AP Special Edition #2 [Panic! At The Disco]

Welcome AP Special Edition #2 [Panic! At The Disco]

Introducing the the second edition of the AltPress Collector's Edition featuring one of your all-time favorites Panic! At The Disco

Our AltPress Collector's Editions are separate from our 12 issue magazine cycle and will not be distributed in the cycle. The special "collector's edition" series is curated specifically as a limited edition, collectible keepsake for you - the fans. Our "collector's editions" will only be available online and will showcase our 33+ year archive. 

This Special Collector's Edition includes every Alternative Press official story in the history of Panic! At The Disco's14+ year career. From A Fever You Can't Sweat Out to Death of a Bachelor - we're taking you on a walk down memory of the good, the bad, and the dirty...even though we all know that it's only been good!

Welcome Tilian to AP 363

Welcome Tilian to AP 363

“People would ask me sometimes at [my] solo shows, ‘How are you ever going to step out of the shadow of Dance Gavin Dance?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever want to do that?’ It’s the perfect project for me. I would never want to lose the incredible energy that’s there.” 

Whatever you think of him—sophistication blueprint, musical polymath, quality hang or dream date—Tilian Pearson fits all those roles.



Two years ago, the celebrated U.K. metal act were wracked with grief after the death of their co-founder. Instead of throwing in the towel, they threw down hard with some of the most passionate tracks they’ve ever written. Listen up, because it doesn’t get any realer than this.  


Sure, you’ve heard Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman in their previous roles in Panic! At The Disco and Falling In Reverse. As IDKhow, they’re conjuring a sonic sorcery of their own design, one stacked vocal harmony (and kiss) at a time.


It’s very popular for fans to credit their favorite bands for “saving” them through the power of a song. In this special, ANDY BLACKFRANK IEROWATERPARKSSET IT OFFDAN CAMPBELL, TAKING BACK SUNDAY and other artists recall the songs that made them want to pay the inspiration forward.

This month’s 10 TOPICS finds LAURA JANE GRACE of THE DEVOURING MOTHERS and AGAINST ME! being fiscally responsible and always traveling mindful. Welcome to the house that punk built—with the option of really nice pillows.

THE BOULET BROTHERS’ life trajectory from rebellious, mixed-up youths to iridescent cultural fulcrum—as creators of the reality show Dragula—is the kind of story we need to celebrate, cultivate and elevate to the world. They are living proof that IT GOT BETTER.

The three-headed Australian pop-rock delegation STAND ATLANTIC hope to make the biggest splash possible on their American debut LP. We get the story on their debut release Skinny Dipping in ALBUM ANATOMY.

In this issue’s AP ARCHIVES, we remember the times when HEAD AUTOMATICA went to the dogs, SYSTEM OF A DOWN got down to business and CHIODOS got framed. Our 10 ESSENTIAL picks list haunted-house howl-raisers for your Halloween hair raising, while we discover some of the most exciting photos and beautiful fan art from all parts of the globe.

Welcome twenty øne piløts to AP 362

Welcome twenty øne piløts to AP 362

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun—known to the world as twenty one pilots—spent three years plying their existential pop to audiences all over Earth. The cumulative effect of touring the world and experiencing other cultures was crucial to not only the creation of their new album Trench, but for clearing new routes of consciousness Joseph had in his head. Ever wonder about the weather in Trench? How long the duo think they can go on? If they ever fight?

Despite their worldwide success touring behind the multi-Platinum Blurryface, Joseph and Dun refuse to take anything for granted. They spoke with AP about what they’ve accomplished, but still question where they need to go.

In a world where social media updates are everything, Joseph wonders if staying off the grid to focus hard on his music was the right thing to do. Change may be the only constant in this band, but Dun readily admits, “When asked if we’ve changed, I thought about the dynamic between us. I think we’re closer than ever in a really cool way.”

Joseph sums up Trench (the album) and Trench (the universe in his head) thusly: There’s something about it that is uncomfortable and uneasy and scary, but man, that’s where I’m supposed to be. A lot of things I was dealing with and still am helped me try to create that world. I felt that like I was trying to create some control.”

Our 24-page feature includes tons of brand-new, gorgeous photos from our exclusive shoot. To read the full story, pick up your copy of 362 here! In the meantime, check out our three (!) new covers featuring Tyler and Josh together.


SHARPTOOTH frontwoman LAUREN KASHAN is simultaneously charming as hell, honest as can be and (naturally) punk AF.


YOU ME AT SIX never thought they would make six records. But the easiest thing they did on this one was come up with the title.


By the end of this summer’s Warped Tour, America’s finest fashion/rock convergence had reached their breaking point with life, love and art. Well, maybe not entirely. Now they’re wondering if they need to learn to disappear.


Caleb Shomo always puts it all on the line when making records. He chooses to venture into the darkest areas of his psyche—which is why Beartooth’s cathartic metalcore is constantly compelling.


On their new album, ATC are weaving through the pop-rock axis with synthesizers set to “stun” and frontwoman Chrissy Costanza wearing her heart on her sleeve in ways you’ve never heard before.


DOLL SKIN’s Sydney Dolezal was one of summer’s dynamic, confident performers on the final Warped Tour. But it wasn’t always that way, and she’s here to remind you of that.


This month’s selection is the reason for the Halloween season, whether it’s EVERY TIME I DIE getting all medieval; FROM FIRST TO LAST filling up their own X-File; or FALL OUT BOY investigating something weird in the neighborhood.

And of course, 10 Essential, 12 Bands, inspiring fan art and so much more!  

Welcome Andy Biersack to AP 361

Welcome Andy Biersack to AP 361

Besides navigating his roles as pop-crooning raconteur (Andy Black) and rock god seemingly descended from Valhalla (Black Veil Brides), the real Andy Biersack is grateful for his fans and eager to help make the world a better place. In this lengthy interview, we gave him topics and let him address them without prejudice or filter. From anxiety to androgyny, fashion to Fortnite and many points in between, this sit-down chat reveals many facets to a figure who’s both entertaining and inspiring.

Welcome 5SOS to AP 360

Welcome 5SOS to AP 360

Five years ago, you probably didn’t know who 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER were. Now, much to every angsty cred-monger’s chagrin, the band have outlasted their ephemeral namesake and taken a bold swing to cement themselves in the pop-rock sphere. But does growing up mean moving on?

READ MORE: Twenty One Pilots already broke a record with “Jumpsuit”

In this issue, we dive deep into 5SOS’ world, talking about everything from facing their demons when they finally had a break from their brutal touring schedule to

why young girls are usually the first to know what’s cool



In this photo special featuring the work of photographer Andy DeLuca, you’ll find pals in search of precision, pensiveness and prepostery. Enjoy 17 pages of the guys onstage and behind the scenes, featuring some never-before-seen images.